Rejuvenating All Natural Facial Lifts

We provide a natural facial workout for the underlying structure of the skin. Our treatment stimulates the skin while targeting problem areas. Patented treatment heads produce a continuous micropulsation so that every inch of the skin recieves direct 3D stimulation. We smooth out lines, wrinkles and create an overall lift effect. Circulation & Collagen, as well as a essential proteins increase, enhancing beauty.

Experience Immediate Visible Results!



Service Fee Package (over 30% savings)
1/2 Hour Facial/Lift $85.00 7 for $420.00
1 Hour Facial/Lift $150.00 7 for $720.00
20 Min Laser $45.00 7 for $280.00




7916 Niwot Road, Suite 213
Niwot, Colorado 80503

For appointments:
Please call: 303-434-7770